Natal Chart Reading

A comprehensive written report that covers the entire chart! Usually about 10 pages or so depending on your chart. Nothing is computer/software generated! Written reports are great because you can refer back to them any time.

Turn around time is about a week.



Here we look at the transiting planets & the natal chart to look at how the current energies are manifesting in your life.
If there’s something going on in your life currently, this is probably the reading you need. This service is best for those who have already had a natal chart reading with me though it is not necessary.


Past Life Patterns

I utilize my knowledge of Evolutionary Astrology to discuss repeating patterns from past & current life. This session requires a little more information from you for me to better understand where you’re coming from and your (soul) path moving forward. I’ll contact you as I work on your chart, so timely responses are appreciated.



Did you know I also read tarot? Well you should, because it’s a wonderful tool to use in conjunction with astrology or on it’s own.

These can be purchased on their own or if you feel like you might want to add tarot to your astrology reading, you’ll receive a %5 discount on the tarot price. Contact me!



PLEASE NOTE: All reports are written by me. Nothing is computer generated. The turn around time. (1 week depending on how booked I am) reflects the work and time put into personally interpreting your chart.
Currently ALL readings are only done via report.


I encountered Natalie on an online forum, seeking to educate myself further about astrology in general and my natal chart.  After a few friendly exchanges with Natalie, I decided to have her read my natal chart since we “gelled” so well.  I must say, the reading was a very enlightening (and emotional) experience for me, in the best way possible.  Natalie was truly spot on about so many things!   I especially appreciated how she walked me through each section of my natal chart and how it speaks to my personality, relationships, and life experiences.  Not only that, but Natalie provided me with very thoughtful advice on how I can apply this information to my every day life to continue improving my relationships, and most importantly, myself.  There were definitely some hard truths in my reading, but Natalie delivered these in a very caring and considerate way.  It is also worth noting that Natalie is very collaborative throughout the process and would contact me to seek clarification on certain things.  I really appreciated her dedication to providing the best reading possible.  I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who is interested in learning more about astrology to improve their every day lives.  I am already considering more readings from her in the future!  Thank you again, Natalie! – Kat