Star Cards

Star Cards © 2021 Ellie Adams & Natalie Mithqal

If you’ve ever wanted to learn astrology and didn’t know where to start, or maybe felt overwhelmed with the amount of information there is to learn, you’re not alone. Learning astrology is a lot like learning a new language. It helps to have multiple tools in your belt. I teamed up with none other than the wonderful & amazing Ellie at Saturn Season Astrology and we created Star Cards.

While there are other astrology cards on the market, Star Cards are unique. These are NOT oracle cards. They feature more than just just a few keywords. We provide information on how the energies in question work, we give a jumping off point for you to learn how to synthesize houses/signs/planets (we also include aspect cards and a few other things like Chiron, the lunar nodes, Black Moon Lilith, & Sun/Moon midpoint!).

In addition to the cards we also created a 100 page book that is packed with information, exercises, and space for notes. This set is an amazing resource and tool to have in your belt, even if you’re already familiar with astrology.

If you’re curious about the cards please visit our website: Let’s Fuck With Astrology.

If you’d like to see how to use the cards and some more general information on astrology, please see our YouTube: Let’s Fuck With Astrology.

For an video review of the cards please check out AstroBoy Ricardo on YouTube: Star Cards Review.

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